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Decorating with Quilts by Barbara Jennings

Want to make your bedroom look more cozy? This is the time of year we all want the entire home to feel warmer and cozy. You can add a lot of warmth to your bedroom by just bringing in some warm colored accessories: throw pillows, accessories, blankets. But you can achieve that same down home cozy look by adding a quilt to your bed too.

quilt, quilts I don't have time to quilt any more, but I fondly remember the days. My grandmother used to go to the church every Tuesday to quilt blankets for charity with her friends. Many of us grew up with quilts made by Mom or other relatives. Many people collect quilts.

Take out your stored quilts at the first sign of frost. If they have warm inviting colors, so much the better. Even though the colors in the quilt in the picture aren't warm, don't you feel it looks cozy anyway?

If you're looking to buy a quilt, check for the level of competence in the stitches (workmanship). Look for good patterns and a good mixture.

But quilts are just for putting on beds. You can hang them on a wall, display them on a stand, use them as a throw over a sofa or chair, put it over an end table as a table cloth. If you have a red one, use it as a Christmas tree skirt. Place a stack of them on a bench at the end of the bed. Use it as you would a duvet cover on your bed. If you have a collection of them, stack them on a shelf, in a cupboard or armoire. Hang several down the length of a boring hall or put at the end of the hall for a show stopper. Frame them in acrylic and hang on the wall to preserve and protect them.

Quilts are valuable in collections because of their historical, cultural and sentimental attachments. They also make memorable and treasured gifts. Check out your local churches, senior centers and synagogues for quilting circles. You can often buy them at a good price directly from the people lovingly make them.

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