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Decorating Home Interiors by Barbara Jennings

To get your home ready for a party, here are some helpful suggestions.

Declutter the space. - Remove unnecessary items from your coffee tables, bookshelves, magazine racks and the floor. You want the traffic to flow easily from room to room. Open up your traffic lanes as much as possible and remove unncessary furniture.

Fix any furniture, especially seating, that is wobbly or in poor condition. You definitely do not want any accidents.

Remove smudges on the walls and touch up smudges and stains on the carpet, but refrain for doing any all out cleaning or painting until after the party is over.

Make sure all rooms, including the kid's rooms, are clean and orderly. Guest will always wander into parts of the house that are considered "private", whether you know it or not.

Be sure to clean all bathrooms and the kitchen. Make sure all of your tubs, toilets and sinks and floors are pristine clean. Shine the chrome fixtures. Be sure to stock all bathrooms with plenty of towels and toilet paper. These are excellent places for scented candles and soap or some potpourri. Clean the medicine cabinets and fill with usuable things such as lipstick, perfume, hairbrushes, mouthwash, breath mints and such.

Make sure your kitchen is well organized and spotless. There is nothing that will make a guest hesitate to eat sooner than a dirty, messy kitchen. All guests will either wander into the kitchen or at least peer into it at some time during the party.

Just before the party begins, give the home a fresh vacuuming and dusting treatment. There is just something about a freshly vacuumed rug or carpet that is reassuring to guests, whether they consciously recognize it or not.

Rent a coat rack if you need one. Have plenty of hangers on hand. Don't throw people's coats on the bed unless you're in college and your guests are fellow students.

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Barbara Jennings
is the West Coast Pioneer in Redesign, author of 7 decorating books, a published artist, corporate art consultant, and furniture arrangement consultant. For training in professional furniture and accessory arrangement, or to start your own redesign or art consulting business, please visit: