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Home Energy Saving Tips by Barbara Jennings

Triple digit temperatures nearly caused rolling blackouts in So. California recently. So the fans were working overtime and so was the air conditioning. If you're looking for some home energy saving tips to keep cool without skyrocketing costs, here are some energy tips you might find helpful.

First, keep your thermostat on the auto setting. Putting it on the "fan only" setting is just going to keep the room at a high humidity level and increase your energy bill anyway.

The fan will keep the blower pushing air even though the compressor is cycling on and off. Moisture that has been removed will just return when the fan alone is operating.

Keep your filter clean. Replace it monthly unless you have a newer type that only requires annual replacement. This will ensure that the air will flow smoothly.

You can damage your system by not keeping it free of dust and dirt that can clog the filter. Not only will your bills go up, but so will the temperature in the room. Severe damage is often caused by ice forming on the evaporator coils.

Make sure the thermostat is accurate. If not you will have trouble finding the right settings. If your thermostat causes the unit to cool just one degree beyond the ideal setting, it can cost yu up to 12 percent additional energy charges.

If you have an older home, hire a professional to give you an energy audit. Under-insulated attics cause unwanted hot air to fill up the home. Have your roof inspected to make sure you have adequate ventilation in the attic.

If the refrigerant in your air conditioner is too low or too high, you will pay higher energy bills. Have the unit serviced regularly. Too much refrigerant, causing systems to become overcharged, will lower the unit's cooling ability and increase power usage. It could also cause mechanical damage.

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