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Last Minute Decorating by Barbara Jennings

Christmas Wreaths

While wreaths are not new to Christmas decorating, they can be easily overlooked. Whether you put one on the outside of your front door or scatter them about within, there is no end to the variety you can use. Buy them at your favorite store or make them yourself. Don't limit them to doors as they can look spectacular over the hearth or on a wall.

Breakfast in Bed

When was the last time you delivered breakfast in bed to your loved ones? Decorate trays with just a few ornaments and a twig from the tree or some pinecones and you'll have an amazingly beautiful decoration to take to the bedrooms.

Cultural Decorating

This year I brought home some Japanese dishes that have been in my mother's home for years. Eager to use them on Christmas day, I decided on bringing in some small paper lanterns to assist with my holiday decorating. You can purchase these quite easily over the internet. Just do a search on "paper lanterns" and you'll turn up several websites that have them for sale. What can you do this year that will reflect something of your heritage or where you grew up?

Make Them Yourself

An idea for hanging in a room or in front of your windows is to cut out stars (or snowflake patterns) and string them together into a mobile.  If you hang these above some candles on the window sill, you just might see them "dance". They will certainly reflect the lights in the room as well as the flickering flames from the candles.

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