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December Decorating Tips by Barbara Jennings

Last Minute Quick Tips

Do you feel like the holidays are going by too fast and Christmas will be here before you are ready? You're not alone, I'm sure. Well, I don't want to be part of making you feel even more stressed than you are, so this month's newsletter will be short and to the point.

First I've put together just a handful of quick decorating tips as a last minute reminder. Just know, however, that the best gift you can ever give your family is the gift of love. Whether you buy your gifts or make them, if they are given with joy and love, that is what really matters. Last Minute Christmas Decorating

Decorating With Candles

I love scented candles and they add such a cozy, warm feeling to your decorating. I've added a few quick candle decorating ideas. Just be very careful where you place them if you intend to light them. Decorating with Candles

Start a Creative Hobby

I have a lot of alone time in the evenings because my husband works late and is some distance away. So when I'm bored or feeling lonely, it's always nice to have an easy creative hobby to focus upon.  That's why I've chosen decoupage to feature this month. It's so easy, anyone can do it. Just follow the simple directions I give you this month, and you could be creating beautiful gifts or accessories for your home almost instantly. Decoupage Tips

Chill Out, Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

During stressful times, keeping your sense of humor is very important. I hate crowds and Christmas shopping is always stressful to me for that reason. So I thought I'd share some funny pictures with you to celebrate womanhood and hopefully give you something funny to laugh about. Keeping a Sense of Humor

Below are the links to this month's issue. And for those of you who are doing re-design as a business, get ready, because I'm soon going to launch Advanced Redesign, my newest training program for those of you who want to take your business to the next level. I hope to have it ready by January 1, 2005, so check back and get your copy as soon as it is available.

May you all have a very special Christmas or Hannukah. Be safe and be happy.


Coming Soon!
Advanced Redesign!
As we speak, the pages for Barbara's newest training is being written. For those people who want to start a part time redesign business, we have offered Rearrange It!, our basic training to help you get started in a fabulous decorating business of your own. However, many of you are not content with basic training and want to take your businesses to the next level. Well, you asked for it, so we are in final stages of writing the advanced training program. We hope to launch it on January 1, 2005. Be sure to check back and read all the details then.
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